Drive is dedicated to helping all repair shops make it through these challenging times. Our company is open and our team is here to help. No matter what problem you’re having in your shop, whether it be with finances, car count, parts availability, or employee issues we are here to assist you through these difficult times. Tune in every weekday to watch us on Facebook Live at 12:30 pm (https://www.facebook.com/DRIVEshops/) where we’ll keep you udpated on all of the latest news and best practices to keep your shop operational.

DRIVE IS OPEN! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. Read the full statement here.


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Increase your profits • Increase your car count • Lower your stress • Achieve your goals


By implementing cutting-edge software and technical resources, DRIVE management embraces the ease of automation.


Through step-by-step coaching and informative workshops, DRIVE shop owners are equipped with the tools they need to master success.

Black Hole Quizzes

How efficiently is your shop really operating? Is it profitable, viable and expanding? The quiz modules below will help you get the answer and take your shop to the next level!

Digital Solutions

We do it all: Customized Web Development, SEO Marketing, Web consulting, Digital Marketing & Advertising, Social Media Management, Vehicle Listing App and much more.


DRIVE’s premier Top 20 groups and the biannual SHOP OWNER’S EXPO provide unique opportunities to network with like-minded shop owners and industry influencers.



See Other Shop Owner Testimonials

  • As a shop owner, DRIVE gave me my life back. I run my shop and it no longer runs me. It’s a great feeling to not have your business be an obligation but more of a success enjoyed. The entire staff is friendly and accommodating and their methods produce true results.

    Jim Anderson
    Jim Anderson Anderson Automotive Service and Repair Marion, Iowa
  • I was in business 20 years before I began training with DRIVE. Those years were extremely frustrating and difficult. Back then I learned from trial and error, which is costly, exhausting and was a great strain on my personal life. This program was a game changer for me in business and in my personal life. I have worked with my advisor to create a clear cut path to our goals. I have learned financial control and no longer have to wait for our accountant to tell us how we are doing. My full understanding of finance enabled us to purchase our building, build capital and secure our financial future, this would not have happened without proper training. My only regret is that I did not work with them in the beginning!

    Dave Bloom
    Dave Bloom Pine Aire Truck Service Bay Shore, NY.
  • There’s not a lot of words that I can say to express what DRIVE has truly done for my shop. They helped me achieve more freedom and time with my family, but those are just quantifiers. It’s so much more than that. DRIVE  has allowed me to find who I am not only as a shop owner, but as a person, and that has affected me and helped me in my professional life, as well as a member of my community.

    Tobi Edmonds
    Tobi Edmonds Edmonds Import Auto Palmer, Alaska