Controlling the Front Workshop

This three-day workshop deals with the fundamentals of organizing and managing the front office of an automotive shop.

What You Will Learn

Part One
Learn the basics of organizing and managing any type of operations.

Part Two
Focus on the practical applications of organizing and managing the front operation.

Part Three
With our help, create a personalized plan to implement in your shop and efficiency grow. This workshop yields the best results when the owner and all key production employees have attended it.

Workshop Testimonials

  • I was in business 20 years before I began training with DRIVE. Those years were extremely frustrating and difficult. Back then I learned from trial and error, which is costly, exhausting and was a great strain on my personal life. This program was a game changer for me in business and in my personal life. I have worked with my advisor to create a clear cut path to our goals. I have learned financial control and no longer have to wait for our accountant to tell us how we are doing. My full understanding of finance enabled us to purchase our building, build capital and secure our financial future, this would not have happened without proper training. My only regret is that I did not work with them in the beginning!

    Dave Bloom
    Dave Bloom Pine Aire Truck Service Bay Shore, NY.


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