DRIVE is Proud to Announce YEOMAN SERVICE CENTER as its January Shop Spotlight

Third generation shop owner, Donny Yeoman, has grown his business to a 13 Bay Facility.

The Yeoman name means a lot in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Customers have come to know they can rely on Donny Yeoman and his team to always deliver an awesome auto repair experience…from the initial phone call to picking the vehicle up…customer service is what it’s all about at Yeoman Service Center.

Donny is the third Yeoman to run the business. His grandfather initially opened up in 1962 with a 2-bay gas station. His Dad took over in 1989. Donny took control in 2014. And he had a vision from the outset. He wanted to be successful, he wanted to change the perception of the industry, he wanted to have a great team and pay them what they deserved….Donny wanted to be a leader for his business, community and his industry.

“Yeoman’s is a strong leader in auto repair and hopes to lead by example to provide quality repairs and employee growth.”
Donny Yeoman, owner Yeoman Service Center

Donny Yeoman

In 2015, against the advice of some, Donny expanded with an additional 6 bays to his present 13 bay shop with 12 employees. Since this addition, Donny has seen a 53% increase in revenue. While many factors go into the increase, the new customer friendly, clean and professional shop certainly contributes. Further, since 2020 just concluded, Yeoman Service Center saw over a 14% increase in revenue vs. 2019 to over $1.5MM. That’s right, during 2020 Donny had a big increase in revenue.

“I love that some of my goals and dreams are already becoming a reality in just 6 years. I love the challenges that it brings because I like the reward when you overcome it.”
Donny Yeoman, owner Yeoman Service Center

Training at Yeoman Service Center

Ongoing training is a priority at Yeoman Service Center

High standards are a key element of Yeoman’s. Donny has placed a big emphasis on training. Not just an occasional class for his team, but on-going and every week. Donny has built a space at his business specifically for training. It includes a 102” screen, comfortable chairs and tables and a state of-the-art speaker system. Each Wednesday afternoon, the crew sits down and has dedicated time just for the latest training.

And because of this training, Donny has been able to diagnosis and trouble shoot issues that other shops in the area can’t fix. In addition to training, he also has invested in dealership-level equipment  and diagnostic tools to perform any repair needed for today’s complicated and tech-centric cars. This includes leading the way with ADAS and any electrical vehicle repair.

Something Donny learned from his first DRIVE consultant was “Do you want to be steering the boat or rowing the boat?” He always keeps that in mind each day at the shop.

Yeoman shop 3 generations L2R Donny (current owner), Don (grandfather), Dan (father, ret.)

Donny also takes a lot of pride in knowing that Yeoman’s is not only a third-generation business, but also has been a shop that has employed people through the years and provided for their families. Yeoman’s has seen young, inexperienced techs with a great attitude come on board and grow into seasoned professional A Tech’s who now have their own families.

“In order for us to grow, I had to start working ON the business as much as I was working IN the business. That includes empowering others to do job duties for me that I was doing.”
Donny Yeoman, owner Yeoman Service Center

Donny Yeoman knows learning doesn’t end. In addition to training his crew and making sure they are experts with the latest technology available, he loves learning from his fellow shop owners, often through networking with other DRIVE shop owners. Yeoman’s may be in Indiana, but he continually reaches out to shop owners across the country. Knowing you have that support system of owners that have gone through both the good and not so good, is a valuable asset. Plus he’s developed close relationships with them and addition to business discussions they also go on vacations and travel together.

Yeoman’s uses various shop systems, one of which is the BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY DVI system. He’s found that his customers really appreciate the ability to see photos of the issue at hand. “If you can see it and understand it, they are more likely to buy it.” says Donny. It also helps Yeoman’s keep better records and protects the shop if an issue comes up. “Win win for all parties involved” adds Donny.

The newest Yeoman shuttle van

If Donny were asked what advice he has for someone opening up their own repair shop, he would say make sure you have a structure in place. Have your policies and procedures set from the beginning. Understand the numbers and measure your progress using KPIs. Make sure you have a business coach and surround yourself with smart people. Donny works with DRIVE. For him DRIVE was a crash college-level education in how to operate a business. “I needed this guidance and help to take me from a technician to a business owner. I could not have reached my vision on my own” says Donny. Something he’s come to consider a huge reason for his success, especially during 2020, has been his DRIVE Marketing actions. From his website to search – it’s a big reason he’s had the year he has. The phones keep ringing!


“I love the accountability part that I get from DRIVE…it keeps me on track to prevent old habits. I also have more structure and time in my life.”
Donny Yeoman, owner Yeoman Service Center

Congrats to Donny and the entire team at Yeoman Service Center on a fantastic 2020 and we know that 2021 will only bring more success to everyone.




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