Certificate Program

This award recognizes shop owners who have successfully completed the necessary training and have attained the production benchmarks.

These shops have actively demonstrated they can apply the management tools they learned at the highest level of performance. Their business is an example of an effective and operational model shop in Stage IV2.

Master Elite of Shop Management is in stable financial and organizational condition, a very high level of skill and certainty. They must maintain Master levels of production and competency.



2. Stage IV is a successful shop that is fully operational without the necessity of the owner being at the shop


To qualify, you must complete the Master of Shop Management training and be certified as a Master of Shop Management.

  • All training required for Master of Shop Management plus

  • Public Relations workshop

  • Leadership workshop

  • Fundamentals of Building Your Wealth workshop

  • Mastering Social Media workshop

  • Shop Policy Apprenticeship

  • Freedom Apprenticeship

  • Shop Manager Apprenticeship


The following conditions and KPIs must be achieved, maintained or remain in an up-trend for a year prior in order to receive this award.

  • Management Tools Being Used: Owner is managing by KPIs, weekly plans, proper strategic planning, and have written policies and hats in place.

  • Increase in Gross Sales: The shop’s gross sales/gross income has increased over a 12-month period, compared to the same period from the prior year.

  • Owner’s Compensation: The owner is compensated at minimum 15% of total sales or income.

  • Financially Stable & Solvent: The shop’s net worth has increased over a 12-month period, compared to the same period from the prior year.

  • Business Reserves: At least an average of 5% is being put aside in reserves weekly.

  • Shop Flow: The shop implements a structured and functional workflow.

  • Stable in Stage Four or Above: The owner has a hatted manager on the job, running the day-to-day operations consistently for at least the last 6 months.

  • Professional Shop Image and Web Presence: The shop and it’s web presence must be visually appealing and project a professional image.

  • Positive PR Presence: Actively involved in improving the community and/or the industry. The owner and the shop are recognized by their
    customers and peers as maintaining a positive image.

  • HOST: Actively participating in the HOST Program.

  • On-Site Inspection Findings Fully Handled: All points from the on-site inspection are handled, including all recommended training and services successfully completed.