Matt Winslow Joins DRIVE

Matt Winslow Here….

Over the last year and a half, I wasn’t able to work in the industry I love, with you wonderful shop owners. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what’s really important to me.

I read years ago there are 3 ways to run a successful company. Some companies are primarily focused on sales. Some on employees. Some on customers.

Some of the companies I worked with, and for, were focused primarily on sales. The majority of the company employees were exclusively focused on sales with very few in Research and Development. “Do whatever it takes to make the sale, then move on.” New features were simply created to put bullet points on a brochure, whether they worked or not. A “good enough” mentality. “Don’t rock the boat.” If customers are buying the product, don’t waste time and money improving it. This drove me absolutely crazy!

I’ve worked for other companies who claimed “we’re all about culture.” A lot of talk about high standards but I never saw anyone hold ownership or employees accountable. “Avoid conflict at all costs,” even when we had serious quality issues. As a result, we delivered a mediocre product and customer experience. Our customers deserved so much better!

I’m joining and committing to a company focused on customers! During the last 18 months, I’ve had a chance to get to know some folks who share my passion for excellence and relentless customer value. I’m really impressed. They deliver desperately needed products and services I’ve never seen available anywhere else. This is a company where all employees embrace relentless improvement. They release products when they’re ready, instead of delivering endless empty promises just to make the sale.

I used to hate company meetings, but now I love them! During the first 15 minutes of every day, we have a company meeting where our CEO reviews our progress on providing the best value and customer experience. He reviews in detail exactly what our customers need and specifically how each product makes our customer’s lives better. I love how he focuses all of us on making shop owners and managers significantly more effective, while making it much easier for them at the same time!

At this point in my life, I’m tired of having to compromise. I’m committed to providing my absolute best for all of you dear shop owners and your employees. You risk everything to take care of your customers and your employees.

I’m thrilled to join DRIVE! I’m finally home! At DRIVE, we’re committed to taking care of you!

-Matt Winslow

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