Sales Training for Estimators

A graduate of the Sales Training for Estimators Class is one who has greatly improved skills in sales, the handling of customers and dealing with insurance companies. These graduates understand clients better and are able to handle even the toughest situations with confidence and much less stress.

What You Will Learn

• Handle insurance companies and increase your capture rate.
• Increase your sales whether you are a DRP or non-DRP.
• The basics of communication and how to deal with all types of customers.
•  Customers call, but don’t show up? Learn how to get most customers to come in.
• How to handle them effectively and get top dollar for your work.
• How to increase your capture rate to 75% or higher.

Upcoming Workshops

February | 5th-9th, 2018 | Tue-Sat

Workshop Testimonials

  • Without policies and procedures, running a collision repair shop can be challenging. Before I was introduced to DRIVE, I had no real structure in place and it was hard for me to get out of the shop. I was the owner, living on a technician’s salary. This program changed everything for me. I have a solid grasp on where our percentages should be and sales have increased drastically. DRIVE has helped me pinpoint the issues I couldn't see and provide me with the tools I need to take my shop to the next level. I am happy to report that we are now averaging more than $100,000 in monthly sales and we are continuing to grow.”

    Mark Probst
    Mark Probst Probst Auto Body Dieterich, IL
  • As a shop owner, DRIVE gave me my life back. I run my shop and it no longer runs me. It’s a great feeling to not have your business be an obligation but more of a success enjoyed. The entire staff is friendly and accommodating and their methods produce true results.

    Jim Anderson
    Jim Anderson Anderson Automotive Service and Repair Marion, Iowa
  • If you don’t have organization and control, heavy-duty truck repair can be a beast of a business to tame. Before I was introduced to DRIVE, I was on the verge of selling. I worked six days per week and I barely had money in my pocket. This program changed everything for me. I have policies in place, I know my numbers and I finally employ a team that is happy and productive. My shop runs smoothly without me and that’s the best feeling ever.

    Dave Bloom
    Dave Bloom Pine Aire Truck Service Bay Shore, NY.
  • There’s not a lot of words that I can say to express what DRIVE has truly done for my shop. They helped me achieve more freedom and time with my family, but those are just quantifiers. It’s so much more than that. DRIVE  has allowed me to find who I am not only as a shop owner, but as a person, and that has affected me and helped me in my professional life, as well as a member of my community.

    Tobi Edmonds
    Tobi Edmonds Edmonds Import Auto Palmer, Alaska


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