Dad & Daughter Business B&B Foreign Car Repair is DRIVE Shop Spotlight for August

DRIVE is Happy to Announce B&B FOREIGN CAR REPAIR of Napa, California as its August Shop Spotlight This Dad & Daughter shop knows how to run a successful shop!   B&B Foreign Car [...]

What has Advanced Automotive Done to Succeed in 2020?

If you ask Cody Morelock, owner of Advanced Automotive in Redding, CA, he’d say “Focus on your business and not the crisis.”   Cody’s leadership skill of not being misdirected by fear or [...]

What’s the #1 action a successful shop does everyday? marketing.

What’s the #1 action a successful shop, not just continued with but expanded on, during COVID-19? MARKETING In all its various forms and applications, Marketing proved to be the mechanism of not [...]

The Best Marketing Ideas EVER for Your Body Shop

These are the best essential components your marketing plan has to cover – no excuses! Cover story in BODY SHOP BUSINESS September 2019 The best. You can’t get better than that, right? It’s [...]