DRIVE TOP 20 MEETING February, 2022

DRIVE TOP 20 MEETING FEBRUARY 2022 Hosted by Taylor Tire & Automotive Kaufman, Texas     “It’s hard to put into words what happens at the TOP 20 Meetings. But […]

The Importance of Being Friends with Fellow Shop Owners

Both the personal and business benefit of having a trusted friendship with another business owner is invaluable.   For your shop, it provides an impartial view into your business from […]

Playbooks Workshop Delivered by Larry Monroe

Developing playbooks is key to the success of any professional sports team, but they are also critical in business. Find out how to adopt this winning strategy to your business.  […]

BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER – Peer to Peer Networking

“Be Excellent to Each Other!” -Bill S. Preston, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure That’s what it’s all about right? Supporting the people around you. That’s what Bill & Ted did […]