Put yourself in the driver’s seat as an executive and accelerate

to the next level of shop expansion.

Control + Stability = Freedom

This apprenticeship trains you on the important goals that you, the executive of the shop, must routinely meet in order to further advance your business. It trains you on the executive actions that are the key to controlling and growing your business. Your business advisor will walk you through the actions you need to take as the owner of your business week in and week out until it is second nature.

You Will Learn:

  • How to plan and execute the key management actions for all areas of the business.

  • Control the income of your shop.

  • Be in charge of your productivity.

  • Know what the profitability is of your business.



Essentials of Shop Management Workshop

How to Increase Your Profits Workshop

Keys to Understanding Your Financial Reports Workshop (if necessary)

Financial Control Workshop

Business is a Stage III shop or above.

I’ve learned that my job is not to fix cars anymore but instead it is to give my guys what they need to be able to produce for me. – C.B.


This service gave me the understanding that there is a difference between Management vs. Leadership. I want to be a good executive for my team! Great job DRIVE.      –  S.S.  


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