PUBLIC RELATIONS WORKSHOP                                            

Make your shop positively portrayed and well thought of in your community.

This workshop will give you the knowledge to boost the effectiveness of your marketing through effective public relations.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Communicate effectively in public relations

  • Understand what PR is and how to use it in your shop

  • Implement proper time frames for event planning
    for your shop
  • Identify the pitfalls of PR and how you can avoid them

  • Use of opinion leaders in PR

  • Create a safe environment for your shop and handle negative PR

  • Properly implement goodwill and word-of-mouth

  • Effectively work with the press

  • Create a press book

Be in full control of your shop’s image. Learn how to handle negative ideas about your shop, avoid legal situations, and work effectively with newspapers and the press, so they will print what you want.


  • Intro to Marketing
  • New Customer
    Acquisition Workshop

I never knew there was a difference between PR and marketing. All of the points taught in this course have changed my mind and given me a plan to expand my shop. Now, I have the skills to go home and conduct effective PR campaigns.” — P.R.


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