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With a team of experienced Master Coach’s, DRIVE brings the knowledge and guidance a business owner needs to have a well-run, operational company. The accountability of working with a DRIVE Coach is a crucial component of partnering with us. Think of it this way…the most successful athlete has a Coach. Why shouldn’t a shop owner? Follow the advice of your Coach and you will see results.

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The DRIVE apprenticeship program offers clients an intensive, structured and practical pathway to develop a specific management skill one-on-one with a DRIVE Master Coach. Specific assignments and skills are developed over a rigorous period of 10 to 16 weeks. After completion, the business owner will have an in-depth knowledge of the selected undertaking.


Playbook Apprenticeship

At the completion of this 16-week apprenticeship, the owner will be fully trained on not only the writing of all policies and procedures, but also how to properly organize so they can easily be found and used. Additionally, an overall review of key policies at the shop will be completed.

executive planning

Executive Planning Apprenticeship

Through this apprenticeship program, business owners will undergo comprehensive training to understand and achieve the crucial goals that are routinely expected of shop executives. The program will equip owners with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively implement executive actions, which play a key role in controlling and driving the growth of their businesses. Owners will gain valuable insights into the strategies and objectives that lead to success in the industry.


Freedom Apprenticeship

An intense 12-week program that has the business owner document every part of their process that has made their business successful thus far. In the end, the owner will have produced a full manager's duties write-up.

shop manager

Shop Manager Apprenticeship

The owner and their Shop Manager take part in this 12-week apprenticeship together. The goal is for the owner to hand over the duties to the manager. This is the last step in the owner fully achieving freedom from having to be in the shop every day.


The DRIVE Management Certification Program honors outstanding business owners who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise in the auto aftermarket industry. Each winner has demonstrated proven results in various management proficiencies. From workshops to KPIs to policies & procedures – each DRIVE Management Certificate winner should be celebrated for their remarkable achievements.

The Certification Program includes five tiers of accomplishment. The introductory award is the Effective Shop Manager and the premier, or most advanced level, is the Sustained Master Elite of Shop Management. Each level requires dedication, perseverance and continued education to achieve this honor.

These Coveted Awards Are Given Out At The Awards Dinner At The Annual Drive Expo

Sustained Master Elite Of Shop Management

Sustained Master Elite Of Shop Management

This ultimate award recognizes the shop owners who, having achieved Master Elite of Shop Management, successfully maintain this level over time. Stable mastery of management tools requires a high level of skill and precision. This award recognizes the shop owner who continuously expands their knowledge in order to sustain a high level of success. A Sustained Master Elite in Shop Management award signifies that the business is consistently growing, maintaining high productivity, and generating ongoing profitability. Owner must maintain a Stage IV business and 20% compensation for themselves.

Master Elite Of Shop Management

Master Elite Of Shop Management

This advanced award recognizes shop owners who have attained the necessary business goals of a highly competent and respected leader in the industry. These shops have effectively showcased their ability to utilize the management tools they acquired, achieving this superior level of performance at full Stage IV. Owner must maintain a 20% compensation for themselves.

Master Of Shop Management

Master Of Shop Management

The Master of Shop Management award recognizes owners who have successfully completed the necessary training and have attained the production benchmarks. Their business is a model of a stable shop – both from a financial and an organizational standpoint. This owner has a high level of skill and proven business acumen at Stage III. Owner must maintain a 15% compensation for themselves.

Professional Shop Owner

Professional Shop Owner

This certificate is a prerequisite for becoming Master of Shop Management. It is awarded to owners who demonstrate a high level of competence in running an organized and profitable shop. Owner should achieve 12.5% compensation for themselves.

Effective Shop Manager

Effective Shop Manager

The Effective Shop Manager Certificate is the first step on the path to Master of Shop Management. It is awarded to shop owners and managers who demonstrate effectiveness at running an organized and profitable shop. Owner should achieve 10% compensation for themselves.

Drive Top 20

The primary objective of establishing DRIVE's Top 20 groups is to facilitate a platform for accomplished auto repair, truck and collision shop owners to interact, collaborate, and exchange effective strategies with their peers. This initiative aims to foster camaraderie and enduring friendships while promoting and offering support. The program includes regular monthly and quarterly meetings, as well as in-person weekend visits with fellow members twice a year.


Each member must have met the Master of Shop Management certificate requirements. They also must be a stable shop at Stage III or above. Plus their business is making at least $100,000 per month – And the key element of willingness to contribute and help others as well to be open to learning themselves.


Once the client has met qualifications for the Master of Shop Management certificate, other clients or DRIVE personnel can then submit a request for that client's entrance into the appropriate Top 20 group. The Top 20 Coach verifies qualifications. After that, a client receives an invitation to join.