New Year, New Goals

As the new year approaches quickly, your mind may be running at full speed because you have so many ideas and projects you’d like to accomplish for your shop, but little time to focus. With the clock ticking at such speed, you’re more likely to abandon your goals if you don’t have a strategy in place.

Don’t worry. The new year can be just the right incentive you need to get your business headed in the right direction. Here’s a list of 5 ways you can make your shop’s goals stick this year:

1: Identify & Record Your Success  

Resolutions should be meaningful and assessable. Opening your second shop may be on your list for 2019, but how can you measure your success? Try quantifying your resolutions by adding specific numbers: “Sell “X” services in “X” weeks to hit “X” target for the second shop. Also keep in mind that resolutions that aren’t written down are destined to fail quickly. Write out your goals and keep them in a place where you will see them regularly, so you can review your progress.

2: Take One Step at a Time

Baby steps are key. You can process your resolutions thoroughly by slicing them into small pieces. For example, January may be the month to establish a solid marketing budget, and February to implement marketing campaigns. Each month should be broken into tasks that ultimately lead you to your desired goal. Since the automotive industry continuously grows with new technologies and rapid advancements, it’s important to have the right goals in place so your shop can be ready for anything.

3: Get Your Team Involved

You don’t have to do this alone. Getting your employees involved in your process adds a level of inspiration and most importantly, accountability. Support from other shop owners is also helpful. Consider joining a networking group so that you can seek the advice of others who have also been in your shoes. By working with others, you are more so bound to having more fun when working together, and you won’t be so tempted to give up if someone else is counting on you.

4: Establish a Habit

Just as bad habits are hard to break, good ones can be just as difficult to start. Set morning routines so that you can stay on top of your resolutions. Just remember your staff – they are an essential component of your business and its success. Meet with them at least once a week to ensure shop efficiency is running smoothly.

5: Reward yourself for achieving your goals

Make an effort to not forget about the payoff—you deserve it! You’ll be much more inclined to set resolutions next year if you can remember the thrill and the reward of accomplishing goals this year. Just make sure that your reward doesn’t make it harder to accomplish any of your other goals.