Anything is possible with the right team. 

The Building Your Dream Team Workshop is an interactive workshop that will give you the skills needed to recruit the best and keep them effectively trained on an on-going basis. 

When you’re ready to take your shop to the next level, you’ll want top-quality employees working with you to help increase profits and efficiency. 

You Will Learn:

  • The correct way to clearly outline and define what the right type of employee is for your team. 

  • How to promote your shop to gain the interest of potential employees. 

  • Screening and qualifying prospects including best practices for interviewing possible new team members.

  • The do’s and dont’s of conducting an interview. 

  • How to properly hire and incorporate new employees into the team. Setting up your system to educate new employees. How to align the employee’s goals and job descriptions to the owner’s goals for the shop. 

  • How to effectively communicate expectations. The best procedures for monitoring and assessing employee performance. How to conduct an employee performance review. The keys to keeping your team motivated and productive.

  • How to determine skill level needed for each position.

  • How to write effective recruitment ads.

  • Effective training and motivation techniques.


Oh my gosh! What an incredible class! I thought that this class would be about hiring but was floored when I came to the realization on what I haven’t been doing. I have failed to acknowledge my current team and will not fail beyond this point. Thank you DRIVE!– W.C. 


Realizing that starting with my current employees, implementing more training and skills can quickly help you get your own dream team. – S.G. 


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