The path to owning a Stage IV or above shop and the achievement of an

efficient shop depends on having a manager who knows how to manage!

The Shop Manager Apprenticeship is a 12-week program that walks you and your manager through the process of turning over the job of manager.

You Will Learn:

•  Establishing the expectation and results of a manager.

•  Ensuring the manager understands the owner’s viewpoint of the job.

•  Policy checks for the manager against the established areas of the business with the key functions of each area verified.

•  Planning-teaching the manager how to hold meetings and write weekly plans based on shop’s numbers.

•  Sales-how to keep sales going and what to do when they are low; includes the reports necessary to ensure that the job is getting done.

•  Production-the different policies to use and keep production going.

•  Quality control-inspection and reports on comebacks.

•  Money lines-ensuring that financial reports and purchase orders are being done correctly and verified.

•  PR/marketing-standard customer marketing actions are done and advertising reports are complete.

•  Organization-ensuring that the facilities and equipment are clean and operational.

•  Personnel-keeping attendance records with reports and creating skills list on technical and office personnel.

•  Putting everything together with KPIs, key reports and action plans for each area of the shop.

•  How to train a manager who does the job just like you would.

•  You will have confidence that your shop is being well taken care of while you are gone for the day or on vacation.

•  This is the last step in fully achieving your freedom from having to be in the shop every day! 




•  Freedom Apprenticeship 

•  Shop must be a Stage III or above. 

•  Shop must have a Manager. 



•  Essentials of Shop Management Workshop 

•  How to Increase Your Profits Workshop 

•  Professional Service Advisor Sales Workshop 

•  Controlling the Front Workshop 

You don’t know what you don’t know. And now I know what I need to do as the owner of my shop. Thanks DRIVE! – R.W. 


Thank you so much DRIVE. This was so helpful and put me on the right path for more success! – D.A. 



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