A message to the entire DRIVE family.

This year has been tough for all of us. Some businesses more than others, but we have ALL felt the impact of one blow on-top of another. We have all felt this no matter the area of the country we are in because we are a family. And family member’s take care of and look out for one another.

With this week’s massive fires and now a historic hurricane and the flooding that comes with it, we wanted to reach out and reassure everyone that the entire DRIVE team is here for you. The mission of DRIVE has always been to help all shop owners. And that’s what we aim to do every day, and especially right now.

If you need anything. If you need help with resources. Or even if you just need someone to talk to, we are here for you.

This year has proven that you are resilient and strong. Hopefully DRIVE has been a part of bringing hope back to you and your own family.

This industry is filled with smart and determined people who wake up every day putting their business, family and customers first. DRIVE wants you to know we put you first. Client or non-client, we are here to help in any way we can. Please reach out at any time. 818.863.1077

Thank you.

From everyone at DRIVE