DRIVE Announces Reorganization of Client Relations Department

Chris Scully now leads the team of Client Advocates & Advisors


With the goal of always striving for even more exceptional service for clients, the DRIVE Consulting group has been restructured to reflect the evolving business environment and the needs of all clients. Chris Scully now manages and directs all consulting team members. Mr. Scully’s direct reports of Client Advocates has now doubled and answering into each Advocate is a targeted contingent of Business Advisors.


This innovative structure will translate to increased expertise and service for all DRIVE clients.


By doubling the number of Client Advocates, each will manage their own team of Advisors. The end result will be improved service that all DRIVE clients expect,” says Chris Scully. “The elevation of Erkan Ozbardakci, Anatasiya Rusnak, Cassaundra Croel and Valentino Buonocore, means they are now positioned to bring a new level of excellence to all of our clients,” adds Mr. Scully.


In order to have clients better understand this new structure, each Client Advocate and their team will be featured on DRIVE FACEBOOK LIVE during September and October. Kick-starting this weekly feature will be Mr. Ozbardakci and his team as guests on the Wednesday, September 16th episode. Hosted by David Saline and Mr. Scully, over 100 episodes have been produced since March 2020. DRIVE FACEBOOK LIVE is the perfect opportunity to create and foster a conversation and answer all client questions in an open and friendly environment.




In addition to clients, all shop owners are invited to watch DRIVE FACEBOOK LIVE episodes HERE.

DRIVE is the largest automotive and truck repair coaching and high-tech management training company in North America. With over 25 years of experience, their continuing aim is to provide shop owners with best-in-class training, organizational skills, management tools – while improving their quality of life. The goal of DRIVE is to fully arm shop owners with every executive and management ability needed to win and grow in today’s business environment.


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