Located in Antioch, California with a second location that just opened in Brentwood, CA.


Brian Bellante

Auto Diagnostic & Repair owner, Brian Bellante, always knew he wanted to own more than one repair shop. But it took 22 years to get there. His original shop in Antioch opened on November 1st of 1999. And while it took 22 years to open the second, he had his second shop in mind before opening the first business. And it just opened recently – his Brentwood location also opened on November 1st, but this time in 2021.

Brian grew up in Antioch and knew it was a great community that needed a repair shop that held integrity and honesty as its guiding force. Located about one hour from San Francisco and an hour from Sacramento, Brian knows his community well. He knew that if he opened up a business in his hometown and kept to his entrepreneurial spirit, that customers would not just get their cars repaired there once but that they would be return customers.

Whether those customers are visiting his Antioch shop or the Brentwood location, it’s customer service that makes Auto Diagnostic & Repair standout. And it’s not just his ASE certified techs that make the difference with customers. It’s also his Service Advisors. At both locations, the front desk knows how to communicate and explain a repair issue so the customer can make an informed decision. The result is TRUST. Brian’s customers trust everyone at Auto Diagnostic & Repair.

Auto Diagnostic & Repair, Antioch, CA location

Asked what piece of advice he received before opening, Brian would say “Make your business franchise-able even if you’re not planning on franchising.” By keeping that in mind, Brian was able to focus on the key components of owning a business that’s consistently profitable with ongoing training for both employees and management plus overall strategic planning.

Brian also partnered with DRIVE. His thoughts on being a DRIVE client are straightforward, “Just do what they say.”  Effective words. And with two shops now open, those words have proven to be crucial.  Brian adds, “Before DRIVE I always had to be at the shop. Now I’m free to do whatever I want…when I want.”

Auto Diagnostic & Repair, Brentwood, CA location

Brian’s DRIVE business coach, Karla Vice, says that working with him has been terrific. “Brian’s such a perfect DRIVE client. He knows to trust our advice and that makes being part of his team a real pleasure.”

Between the two locations, Auto Diagnostic & Repair have 12 employees and 16 bays. While Brian’s shops may not be the least expensive in town, he is one of the busiest with loyal customers that feel confident that the team at Auto Diagnostic & Repair will fix needed repairs right the first time.

With both locations busy, Brian now has FREEDOM. That’s priceless. Well done Brian! And congrats on the success of Auto Diagnostic & Repair.


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