drive is pleased to announce concours motors of ventura, ca as its march shop spotlight

Owner, JR Luna, Now Owns 3 Shops in Ventura County Including CONCOURS MOTORS.

JR and Rita center front with their CONCOURS team.

Beautiful Ventura California – Home of CONCOURS MOTORS.

JR Luna, owner of CONCOURS MOTORS, hasn’t taken a traditional route to owning a shop. He didn’t grow up with a love of fixing cars. He grew up loving business and knowing he wanted to have a company that cared about its employees and customers.

While still in college with his BA in sight, he had to create a fictional business plan. From that, he discovered that he could own and run his own business – at that moment, he saw the forest for the trees – it was a huge eye-opening experience.

JR has now been the owner of CONCOURS MOTORS for 14 years. Located in the beautiful seaside town of Ventura, California, it wasn’t initially easy. He was working 14-hour days, 6 days a week and was doing anything and everything in the shop. It wasn’t good for the business, JR or his family. JR was seeing 1-3 cars per day with no control of car counts. At that point, he was just hoping to have enough money at the end of the week for everything that was due. Things were out of control. He wasn’t getting any results from all the hard work. He knew he owed it to his family to work smarter and make more money because that was what gave him the valuable time together with his sons as they were growing up.

JR front left with his team.

Once JR became a DRIVE client, things changed dramatically. DRIVE catapulted the business forward.

With his passion for training and developing his team, JR is now in the position to “grow my own super stars to become better employees but also leaders, parents and increasingly more productive members of society.” CONCOURS MOTORS offers terrific benefit packages, regularly scheduled companywide dinner parties, bonus plans and travel for training and corporate vacations. Before DRIVE, none of this could have been possible. With a total of 25 team members, he is proud to say that he has 3 employees that were with him 14 years ago.

JR now has the freedom to work on the business and not in the business. He is able to plan years in advance and drive the business forward – not being driven by the business. JR Luna is in charge of his destiny.


CONCOURS MOTORS is extremely family oriented. JR and his team value excellence and quality customer service above all else. They know that getting your car checked shouldn’t feel like an unwelcome chore. They pay attention to the details that make all 3 shops friendly with a relaxing environment. The top priority is always their customers’ trust, comfort and safety.

Asked what he is most proud of, JR will tell you “I love coming to work every day and I love our customers. I am proud of the service we deliver to our customers and of our ongoing effort to better ourselves and each other as a team.

JR and a group of high school students as they visit CONCOURS.

In addition to more family time, a passion for both JR and his wife Rita is local community service. This includes helping and mentoring unprivileged youth with their local Police Activity League plus Wheels to Shine where they rebuild a car and donate it to someone who makes a difference in the community.

JR and his new customer, John with his BMW.

A great example of JR and Rita’s philosophy is something that happened a few months ago at the shop. A new customer, John, dropped by after finding them online. He was driving down the coast from Santa Barbara to San Diego and his check engine light went on. John saw the Wheels to Shine information at the front counter.  He then went and grabbed breakfast, came back and decided to hand over his BMW to CONCOURS for Wheels to Shine. All the details are here.  It’s so inspiring and a great example of what CONCOURS does every day.

If asked what advice he received that has been the most helpful, JR says to think of life as a bamboo tree. The bamboo tree takes about five years to develop. During that time, no one will notice all the strong roots that are growing and developing underground. But after five years, the bamboo tree will shoot up in the air and double in height almost overnight. The results will seem instant, but they are actually a product of steady work over time. So keep working and think of life – and your business – as a bamboo tree.

JR and Rita know they are incredibly blessed to have come all this way from a small shop to what they have now. In addition to CONCOURS MOTORS, they also own ASIAN AUTOTECH and the recently purchased AIRPORT AUTOTECH – 3 successful businesses in beautiful Ventura County.

DRIVE congratulates our March Shop Spotlight – CONCOURS MOTORS!

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