Located in Redding, California with 53 rich years of history and counting.


Jeff Bryant

Jeff Bryant, owner of Bryant Automotive, has been in business for 53 years and counting. Jeff is no stranger to starting new ventures, he owns three other businesses, is a college instructor, and works as an enrolled tax agent. Over this time, he has watched his company grow an unprecedented amount.


From its founding in 1968, Bryant Automotive has been focused on reliability and trustworthiness. Tom and Margaret Bryant, Jeff’s parents, created this shop with the intention of becoming a reputable business that serves the greater Redding community. They have ensured this legacy by passing it down to their sons, Jeff and Dan. Jeff is proud to say his shop caters to a wide range of people, with a large portion of his customers being single women; thanks to the relationship he has fostered with them, they trust his word!


These relationships are a staple at Bryant Automotive. With their competent and caring staff of 12, they are constantly serving the community. Jeff says that his business is “as important and needed” as the other repair shops in his area. He’s always viewed other shop owners as not only members of the same industry but as a great opportunity to network and support his fellow owners.


Bryant Automotive

On top of that, Jeff is fortunate to be a designated AAA AAR shop. He expands on how this has been beneficial to him saying, “AAA holds us accountable to a higher standard of customer service and the overall appearance of the business. We also receive a decent number of new clients every month through their marketing and towing program. It is good to be accountable – it keeps you focused on what’s important!”


All of these realizations started coming to him once he began working with DRIVE. Jeff came with a great attitude and the ability to be coached. Jeff states, “I’m doing what I’ve been taught rather than thinking I know better. DRIVE knows how to succeed in this industry.” Before it was hectic and Jeff felt like none of the important issues were being dealt with. But with DRIVE’S help, Jeff now understands how to better run his business, staying focused and accountable with each day being better than the last.


Jeff and a 1933 Packard

These days, Jeff is better organized, which leads to not only freedom in his finances, but freedom in his schedule as well. Just last week Jeff was able to work on a 1933 Packard with its 21,000 original miles and he’s looking forward to smogging a 1999 Lamborghini Diablo in the near future. Bryant Automotive is now able to work on anything automotive – and as Jeff says, “we’re having fun!”


Prominently displayed over the shops front desk, is this promise to all customers: “Our purpose is to provide dependable service, safety, comfort, and peace of mind,” – The Bryant Automotive Team.


Congratulations to Jeff and everyone at Bryant Automotive on the continuing success of your thriving business.


Prepared by Chase Clough

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