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Keith’s Auto Repair has been open for over three decades and it shows! With a dedicated team and service that excels, this shop is the place to go. Keith Mayou, owner of Keith’s Auto Repair is the third generation of his family to work on cars and it’s easy to see. Continuing his family’s legacy is one of the things he’s most proud of. It helps him feel closer to his roots and work toward a goal shared by his family.

Keith Mayou – Owner of Keith’s Auto Repair

This shop is located in Fresno, California – one of the major cities in the San Joaquin Valley. Keith loves where he lives, he says “I like Fresno because of the access I have to a multitude of recreational activities.” With Yosemite only an hour and a half away, it’s easy to take a weekend drive to visit one of our country’s most spectacular National Parks. While there he’s able to hike, bike, and take in the scenic views. When he’s out of the shop or not in the great outdoors Keith is buying and selling merchandise online!

The bays of Keith’s Auto Repair

Since 1987, Keith’s shop has been dedicated to serving their community the best they can. The shop opened up with just two bays and has been growing ever since then. After only five years of being open they moved into a shop with four bays and after eleven years they relocated again! With a committed team of five, customers know they can always count on this shop to fix their car in an efficient and caring manner.

Being a business owner comes with its own set of challenges, but it also comes with more positives than Keith can count. He loves owning his own shop. He says, “Before I owned my shop I was burnt out on dealerships. I hated the way they treated their customers.” Now that he’s in control he makes sure all of his clients are treated with the respect they deserve. As he puts it, “I get to treat people the way I like being treated.”

Keith’s Auto Repair crew

He also loves the camaraderie that auto shop owners have with one another. Keith says, “I’ve been through some tough times in this industry. Speaking with my fellow shop owners helps us find out that we all have the same issues. Together we know how to resolve them.” One way he finds this community is by being a DRIVE client. By attending the annual DRIVE EXPO, he is able to network with the professionals in this industry.

Outside of Keith’s Auto Repair

Not only does DRIVE connect him with fellow shop owners, but they help him in numerous other ways. Before becoming a DRIVE client, he was always running around and putting out fires. Then he joined DRIVE and, as he puts it, “My advisor kicked me into gear. He helped me and is still helping me to grow my business.” He used to be tied to his shop, never having a moment to step away and be the owner. He was working in the shop rather than on it. “Now, I’m not chained to the business,” he says.

Keith is proud of how far he has come and can’t wait to see where he has left to go!



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Prepared by Chase Clough