Joe Riscica, Jr. has a successful business and a great life!

Joe Riscica, Jr. 2nd from left and team

Forty years ago Joe Riscica, Sr. opened his namesake repair business in Deer Park, New York – a historic village on Long Island.  And today Joe Riscica’s Auto Repairs is still there…but today it’s owned by another Joe – Joe Riscica, Junior.

And while the shop has grown and is now owned by Joe Riscica, Jr., it still stands for great customer service and reliable repairs, as it always has. “In an industry sometimes painted as dishonest, it’s our mission to stand out and be a breath of fresh air. We strive to be as transparent as possible and always offer the customer all information they need, and have come to expect from us,” says Joe Riscica, Jr.

Joe Riscica’s Auto Repairs

 It’s been about two years since Joe bought the business from his Father. And previous to that Father and Son had spent about five years preparing for the exit of Joe Senior.

The business was successful and Joe, Jr. wanted to ensure that continues and the legacy is carried on – but he also wants to build on that success. Possibly with a second location but his community is important to him. The shop has always been involved in the town’s sports leagues, but Joe wants to expand that involvement. Community fairs and outreach to both customers and future customers is a key element in Joe’s plan for the future.

Joe on his 2016 Harley Davidson Street Bob

Joe surfing

Something that Joe had to be cognizant of when coming on board and as his responsibilities grew, was the crew at the shop. Some had been at the business a long time, which is a testament to his Father. But he did need to be aware of being someone’s boss who is quite a bit older and being respectful of their experience. Joe was only 22 when he came onboard with the eventual plan of taking over. It worked. That same team is still at the shop. And that is a testament to Joe Junior. He makes sure to include his team in decisions that impact them. Open and transparent communication isn’t just for the customers but also the crew at Joe Riscica’s Auto Repairs.

Being a DRIVE client is a key factor for the successful handover of the shop. “DRIVE was able to help us structure the transition in a way that made it very clear what responsibilities would be transferred and when,” says Joe Junior. Taking the PLANNING FOR SUCCESS Workshop and the SUCCESSION AND EXIT PLANNING Workshop helped both Joes feel confident in the decisions that had to be made and the plan that needed to be put in place.

Offering a 24/7 tow service is an additional part of the business that is key for rounding out the offerings at the shop. It’s a convenient way for both existing and new customers to bring their cars in for service without the headache of finding a tow in their area. Their tow service information is included on their website, key tags, business cards and each piece of promotional material produced.

Joe on the links

Joe at the shop

Joe knows that because of his hard work and having DRIVE as a partner, he can manage the business without the business managing him. And because of that, he has time to spend doing the things he loves. Like golf, riding his Harley, surfing and doing those with family and friends. He’s got the free time that everyone wants and needs.

“What I love most about coming to the shop each morning is seeing the growth of the industry, especially after such a hard year and a half for everyone. No two days are the same and I love the problem-solving aspect of owning a business. Always being needed and meeting people from all walks of life and providing a needed service to the community,” says Joe Riscica, Jr.

Congratulations, Joe, on owning a successful shop – and having a great life in Deer Park, New York.



Joe Riscica, Jr.


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