Five Questions w/ Bob Stout of Fuerst Automotive


What’s the most successful action you always do to recruit terrific team members? Hands down…the grapevine. Works great for my shop!

What’s the one question you always ask in interviews? In addition to the usual questions, I always ask what their goals are for the next year.

Do you include other team members in the interview process? When it’s right…yup, others are included. I’ve got a great team and their opinion matters to me.

Other than technical expertise for the open position, do you look for any other attributes in a prospective employee? Someone that is positive and upbeat…like me and everyone at Fuerst. It’s important to the culture of the shop that we get along.

Why makes Fuerst Automotive standout to a prospective employee? We are a great shop with great employees. That shines through from our building, to everything online, to the front counter. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work here?!


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