Five Questions w/ Kevin Reichelt of Steller’s Garage


What’s the most successful community based outreach that you’ve done? Hands down…the “Pasta and Pasta Sauce Giveaway” last year.

What do you like most about working with your community? The smile on someone’s face when you are there just to help.

What’s a recent program you’ve been doing at Steller’s? A “Win Flowers for Your Special Mom” promotion…the video with my beautiful wife Ellen, describing the contest (with cameos of our dogs) drove the success of this!

This past year you worked on the Nurses Appreciation program too. How did that go? This was Dave Bloom’s idea and it really blew up across the country. I loved the whole concept and jumped on board. It was super rewarding to recognize nurses in our area.

What makes Steller’s Garage stand out in Shelton, Connecticut? Great customer service and we really do care about our neighbors and customers.


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