Playbooks: Why You Need One

Learn how you can start effectively managing your shop!


Jim Krell of K-O Auto

As a business owner, you know there are many moving parts that go into running a shop. Whether that be ordering parts, hiring new team members, or handling customer interactions there is always something on your plate. If you don’t have a shop playbook it can be difficult to remain organized. A playbook contains all of your businesses policies, procedures, data, and paperwork. As Jim Krell, owner of K-O Auto puts it, “A playbook eases administrative work.” Keep reading to hear the four reasons you need to create one as soon as possible.


  • Next Level Organization

Have you ever frantically searched through your filing cabinet looking for the blank copy of onboarding paperwork trying to remember where you put it last time? Well, with a playbook you would have every step of the recruiting and hiring process at your fingertips. By having one system with all of your necessary documents you no longer have to run around looking for what you need.

Jim Krell’s shop has been open for nearly 30 years, but he created his first playbook back in 2017. The difference between before and now is night and day. He says, “I think, how did I run my business without it? It has made my life so much easier.” Being able to easily find what you need takes unneeded stress off of your shoulders and lets you focus on running your business.


  • Open Communication With Your Employees

One of the advantages of having your policies written and in one place is that your employees can go back and refer to them when needed. You also have the ability to receive specific feedback from each of your team members. Instead of sitting in a silent staff meeting where no one asks questions you can send policies to each individual. The team members are then given a quick assessment to check their knowledge on what they reviewed. At the end there is a section where the employees can give their own feedback on the new policy.

K-O Auto of Ronan, MT

In Jim’s experience, if there are employees that don’t feel comfortable bringing up concerns in front of the whole team, they can voice their opinions in the comment section. He says, “People feel they can be honest in the comment section. It’s a place for them to ask questions or open up about their doubts.” This way the whole team can collaborate and come to consensus on the policies you want to institute. When everyone on your team is listened to they feel valued as an employee and want to give their best to your business.


  • Know How to Handle Every Situation

There are countless situations you will have to deal with as a shop owner, with some of them recurring often. When a situation continually presents itself in your shop it’s useful to have a sequence of actions already mapped out. Have you ever had a customer agree to certain work being done on their vehicle but when it comes time to pay, they think they’re being overcharged? How would you handle that situation? With a playbook, you can have your next actions already set in place. This way, whoever is at the front desk knows what to do. It also makes sure that each customer is treated the same no matter who is currently working.

Jim says, “DRIVE was a crucial part of setting up my playbook. Not only have they trained me on how to enter them into their software, but my coach has even helped me craft some of my policies.” By using DRIVE’s playbook app software, Jim is able to not only easily create new procedures he is also able to store them in clear spots. Now, he is able to handle any situation that comes his way confidently. Unsatisfied customer? There’s a policy for that. A part came broken? He already has a procedure set in place. Having a playbook streamlines your businesses practices and allows for you to operate under any circumstance.


  • Set Your Managers Up For Success

As an owner, it can feel like everything falls on your shoulders. It can be even more difficult to give up some of your responsibilities when you’re committed to perfection. It’s your name that’s tied to the work that your team does. This is where your playbook comes in handy. As Jim puts it, “You can administer anything you need to from your playbook. You can even set up your manager so he can send out task or polices for you.” Instead of having to do everything yourself, your trusted managers can go in and send out necessary documents to your crew. Everything is already set to go – they don’t even have to make edits!

A playbook is an integral tool your shop needs! It’s your go-to whenever you need to hire a new team member, set new procedures in place, receive employee feedback, and anything else you can think of. So, get with DRIVE today and start setting yours up today.


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