“Talk to DRIVE – It will work.” – Steve Galyen, Trinity Quality Auto Care

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TRINITY QUALITY AUTO CARE Turner & Salem, Oregon Locations


Steve & his wife Darlene on the Oregon coast

My name is Steve Galyen. I own Trinity Quality Auto Care in Salem, Oregon. I started with DRIVE in 2013. Before signing up, my life and business was chaotic. Very chaotic. I knew I had to fix it. I needed structure. I wish I’d signed up earlier, but I’m glad I signed up when I did.

My first step was to take the SBA (Shop Business Analysis). It gave me a dose of reality…both the good and the bad. And I learned I can’t do everything on my own. DRIVE helped me make the right decisions including how to hire a tech. I learned the importance of hiring team members who have a great attitude in addition to being a best-in-class tech…you don’t need a great mechanic with a bad attitude.

It’s all about efficiency. With only 2 bays, I could match my results against any shop with 5 or 6 bays…it’s about how you run your business and the systems you put in place.

It takes hard work and time but even after a few months I started to see improvements at my shop. And now, 5 years later, I opened up my second shop. I still have my original 2 bay shop plus the new shop that’s 7 bays.

My goal is to have both shops operate on their own. My wife and 5 kids, plus the volunteer work I do in my community is important to me – and I can do that now because of DRIVE. They gave me a roadmap for success.

Steve at Camp Attitude

Steve, Darlene & their best friends on a golf trip

Talk to DRIVE – it will work.



Steve Galyen   ⁄  Owner, TRINITY QUALITY AUTO CARE  ⁄  Salem & Turner, Oregon