Owner Gretchen Geist: “My shop is the place customers come to for a family practitioner – for their car!”   Gretchen Geist didn’t start out in life with the goal of owning a repair shop but [...]

How Auto Repair Shops Can Build Trust Among Customers

The following article was written by Mike Skoropad. Mike is the co-founder of car technician and tire retailer UNITED TIRES.     The auto repair industry has long had an image problem. [...]

How to Keep & Cultivate Great Customers

Hear What Hot Rod Dreamworks and Joe Riscica’s Auto Repairs Do Every Day to Ensure Customers are Happy and Satisfied!   For any business owner in any industry, it should always be about the [...]

Steller’s Garage of Shelton Connecticut is the DRIVE Shop Spotlight for June

Since 1950, Steller’s has been a business that has always cared about its customers and community.   Located in historic Shelton, CT, Steller’s Garage is just the kind of repair [...]

Five Questions With – Juke & Jonna Ball of Juke Auto

    Juke & Jonna, you’ve got a great business in Austin, Texas…beautiful building and a terrific team. How has your use of goals changed from when you opened to now? [...]

Expansion, Profits…and NEVER SETTLING

Tony Lynn, owner of Advanced Auto Clinic in Delavan, WI says that “Advanced Auto Clinic will always be a work in progress. I have grown to love doing what I’m doing and I will always be [...]

Five Questions w/ Mike Button of Affordable Automotive

Mike, you recently opened your third shop. Thinking back, when did you know it was the right time to open that second shop?-I was in a position where I had three solid Managers and only room for [...]

New Canaan Foreign Car Service of New Canaan Connecticut is the DRIVE Shop Spotlight for May

“Our employees have the same care factor as we the owners have,” Mark Bagg, owner New Canaan Foreign Car Service Mark and Lucia Bagg, owners of New Canaan Foreign Car Service feel grateful for [...]

Five Questions w/ Kevin Reichelt of Steller’s Garage

  What’s the most successful community based outreach that you’ve done? Hands down…the “Pasta and Pasta Sauce Giveaway” last year. What do you like most about [...]

Five Questions w/ Bob Stout of Fuerst Automotive

  What’s the most successful action you always do to recruit terrific team members? Hands down…the grapevine. Works great for my shop! What’s the one question you always [...]