How Do I Get My Employees to Work as a Team?

Did you ever play any team sports? What makes a good team good? Is it simply a matter of recruiting superstars, or is there more to it than that? All good teams have the following attributes in [...]

DRIVE is pleased to announce PINEAIRE TRUCK SERVICE of Bay Shore, NY, as its February Shop Spotlight

“You don’t start being successful until you put away your toolbox” – Dave Bloom, Owner PINEAIRE TRUCK SERVICE PINEAIRE TRUCK SERVICE is recognized as the DRIVE Shop Spotlight for February 2020. [...]

“Coaching is the reason I have the successful business I have today.” – Donny Yeoman, Owner – Yeoman Service Center, Fort Wayne, IN

The Importance of Coaching When you’re only up by 2 in the last 10 seconds of the game, you don’t ask your Dad, your spouse or Aunt Ethel, what to do, you huddle with your Coach.   As a kid [...]


DRIVE is happy to announce PEARL CITY AUTO WORKS of Honolulu, HI as its January 2020 SHOP SPOTLIGHT OF THE MONTH. Owner, Erin Rodriguez, took over from her Dad in 2005. PEARL CITY AUTO WORKS is [...]

The Benefits of Service Reminders

Get your Service Reminder Systems in Order and You’ll See Increased Car Count and More Repeat Customers.   Is your calendar packed with appointments? Does it help when you receive a text to [...]

Connect the Dots with DRIVE

Learn how to Connect the Dots in your shop!      

BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER – Peer to Peer Networking

“Be Excellent to Each Other!” -Bill S. Preston, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure That’s what it’s all about right? Supporting the people around you. That’s what Bill & Ted did in 1988. [...]

Look Beyond a Tattoo When Hiring

Skin Deep: An Unblemished Look at Tattoos and Hiring So maybe you don’t have a tattoo…and maybe you don’t have purple hair, but it’s important to look beyond that and get to know the person [...]

The Best Marketing Ideas EVER for Your Body Shop

These are the best essential components your marketing plan has to cover – no excuses! Cover story in BODY SHOP BUSINESS September 2019 The best. You can’t get better than that, right? It’s [...]